Why Cleaning of laundry duct/dryer vent is important ?

Found in commercial laundries which can be a part of a hotel complex or a factory. Of all air handling systems, laundries are the most fire hazardous This is because they pick up lint and fluff via the large driers.

Laundry Duct Cleaning

Blockages in these systems are common. Over a period of time the material being exhausted can build up in the duct. Even though the fan works harder, it is not as efficient and the blockage becomes worse.

The elements exhausted in the laundry ducting cause the system to work harder which can lead to a breakdown in the system. Blockages can also become common. One may also notice odours emanating from the system. These are all indicators that the laundry extraction ducts require maintenance.

What We Do?

After removing the flexible exhaust duct from the back of his dryer supervisor found accumulated lint had narrowed the connection between the flexible duct and the rigid exhaust pipe to around half of what it should be. He found a similar glob of lint after a 90 degree turn in the pipe as well as a ¼” layer of lint inside the exhaust duct.

Start by unplugging your dryer and removing the flexible duct from the back of the dryer. Use a large cleaning brush to remove any lint and then use that brush to push out any lint from behind your lint trap. Vacuum everything up and repeat the same process where the duct exhaust exits your house. Sometimes birds or rodents may build nests where the duct exits your home.

Dryer vents are full of lint, which can easily catch on fire. Clogged vents also dry clothing less efficiently, so each load takes longer to dry and ends up costing you more in utilities. Clean dryer vents help prevent clothes dryer fires, dry your laundry faster, and save you some money, too. Protect your home and save money by scheduling a dryer duct cleaning by Ecco trained technicians to perform this job.

Ecco is providing best services for laundry duct cleaning in Dubai. Because laundry ducts are most fire hazardous in whole air handling systems so laundry duct cleaning is most important in that aspect to stay safe.

We recommend that cleaning be undertaken every 6 months to avoid excessive lint build-up. Our experienced laundry exhaust cleaners will ensure a safe laundry environment and more efficient operation for complete peace of mind.