First place your customers see when they arrive at your establishment is your car park, and a poor first impression there can influence your entire corporate image.

We clean car parks, shop front etc. We provide the same standard of cleaning for external as for internal areas.

Mostly car parking Floors are coated using a whole range of colors are becoming more common than conventional concrete floors. Contamination is therefore more visible and is difficult to clean using conventional methods. The floors, which should be clean and provide the visitors a sense of safety, become dirtier and the car park gradually becomes less inviting to use.

Ecco can clean both concrete and coated floor surfaces. The floors are cleaned right down into the concrete pores so that oils, particles and other sorts of dirt and contamination are released and vacuumed away. Of course there is absolutely no damage to the floors with our treatment. Our cleaning teams are highly experienced in cleaning all types of floors and know exactly how each type should be treated.

The Benefits of Frequent Car Park Cleaning:

•  Parking surfaces and decks last longer when car park cleaning services are carried out on a regular basis.

•  Sand, gravel, and dust act as abrasives under vehicle wheels, and can increase the wear on driving surfaces. When asphalt surfaces become worn, they become more susceptible to water infiltration and begin to break down. Concrete wears too, and the resultant concrete dust necessitates even more cleaning. Slow down this process with regular car park sweeping.

•  Debris on parking lots and decks contains traces of petroleum, oil, heavy metals, and organic compounds that may contribute to water and air pollution if not regularly collected. As such, car park cleaning helps minimize any potential environmental effects.

•  Regular car park cleaning also makes a parking facility much safer for patrons, because accumulated sand and debris can increase the risk of slips and falls. By eliminating these materials and maintaining surfaces in good condition, injuries and possibly even legal action can be minimized if not eliminated.