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Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Company Dubai

All food production outlets are now required to ensure that their kitchen exhaust system is free of grease and other flammable products that might cause fire. Insurance Companies, Health & Safety and Environmental bodies also now require evidence that good hygiene and safety regulations are being adhered to.

kitchen Duct Cleaning Company Dubai

Keeping canopy hoods and filters regularly cleaned is the easy part. But what happens to the ductwork, the part you cannot see.

Why Us for kitchen duct cleaning services

We provide the most advance kitchen duct cleaning services available on the markets. We provide your home kitchen duct cleaning services, restaurant kitchen duct cleaning services , hotel kitchen duct cleaning services or business with the most up to date Extraction System Cleaning technology which significantly reduces the downtime on the cleaning of your Duct Work by up to 70%, meaning minimal disruption to your business. WHAT ARE THE RISKS? Considering that industrial kitchens are equipped with exhaust systems designed to evacuate smoke and odours, the extracted vapours contain a high degree of fat that accumulates in the extractors. This fat is highly flammable and is responsible for most fires in restaurants. Furthermore, dirty systems force the system’s fan, resulting in high energy consumption and generating bad smells as a result of inadequate ventilation.


  • Increase Fire Safety
  • Insurance Complaince in the event of a fire
  • Increased Extract Fan Efficiency, lowering electrical bills
  • Increased Levels of Hygiene
  • Better Odour Control

kitchen Duct Cleaning Services Dubai

Through advanced foaming, brushing, and rinsing, we provide thorough cleaning of your Extraction System to ensure it is cleaned to the highest standards and that your insurance is valid.

Don’t take the risk … be safe, be legal, be certified!

Ecco Deep Clean provides a ventilation degreasing service that covers all aspects of extraction systems cleaning. Our experienced cleaning teams are fully trained to clean all the elements of your ventilation system to the high standards required to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

Kitchen duct cleaning company dubai


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Best in Cleaning & Maintenance

With the vast experience in cleaning, maintenance and management skills, it has grown into a professional services catering both residential and commercial market, satisfying its clients with its sound and effective professional skills. Our continuous training and certifications to enhance its technical skills, safety and management give us the credibility to proudly give customer satisfaction.

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Best in Cleaning

Our company's growth is determined by the level of trust our customers have on our services in UAE. Our Endeavour is to capitalize on this trust and provide high end services. It is our dedication and attention to detail service that sets us apart from other companies in UAE.

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Best in Maintenance

The Company is now well established and has built a reputation in U.A.E. as a reliable and innovative Professional Services in the field of maintenance and General Cleaning . Our Major clients include H.H Palace Fujairah, H.H Crown Prince Palace Fujairah, H.H Ruler office Sharjah, Federal and Local Govt Bodies, Oil Companies, Hospitals, Airport, Aircraft, Industries, Universities, and Schools etc.

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We use the very latest methods of Cleaning, disinfection technique & modern disinfection chemical to ensure a superior level of hygiene, stripping of layers of bio-film known to harbor the legion


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