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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Servicing

Air conditioning Maintenance & Servicing in Dubai :

We undertake all kinds of works for Air Conditioning. Home, Commercial & Industrial air-condition installation and maintenance work with full customer satisfaction and on customer budget.

  • Windows A/Cs servicing and maintenance
  • Split units maintenance and installation
  • Centralized, split duct and chillers, A/C unit
  • Water Cooler Systems installation And repairing

The most expensive appliance in your apartment is your AC/HVAC system.You probably experienced some major issues with AC Maintenance services in the past.

Following are some of the classic indicators of a poorly maintained air conditioning system:

  • Poor airflow
  • Stale odours

  • Loss of performance

  • Dirty appearance
  • Sludge in drain line

  • Increased energy bills

  • Prone to freezing
  • Leaking water

  • Nuisance HP & LP alarms


Our air conditioning servicing includes complete verification of all the aspects involved in the functioning of your air conditioner. After a quick and accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning unit’s status, we will proceed with the cleaning and upgrading of these above elements, including:

  • Cleaning Or Replacing The Filter
  • Replacing The Power Cord If Worn
  • Cleaning the Outside Condenser Unit and Offering Solutions for Protecting the Unit from Bad Weather.
  • Electrical Check Of The Thermostat And Switch
  • Cleaning The Evaporator Coils
  • Cleaning the Condensation Drain Lines and Checking For Any Leaks and Potential Replacements.

Our air conditioning servicing will ensure that your air conditioning runs at its top performance all year long. Depending on the extent to which you use your air conditioning unit and on the quality of the air existing in the area you live in, your air conditioning may require servicing multiple times a year.


Air conditioning maintenance is about more than protecting your comfort during humid summers. The small cost for a maintenance visit will pay you back with excellent savings in a number of different ways.

More efficient air conditioning performance: ACs place heavy demands on power systems. Although they cost less to run than heating systems like furnaces, they will still account for a significant portion of your electrical bills during the summer. If an AC starts to run poorly, the increase in your bills can turn steep over time: studies have shown a cooling system will lose 5% efficiency each year without maintenance. But with maintenance it will maintain 95% of its efficiency through most of its life.

Fewer repair calls: Regular maintenance is often called preventive maintenance because it prevents future repair problems. Any repair that you could possibly have avoided through maintenance is an unnecessary expense. The longer an air conditioner goes without maintenance, the more of these unnecessary repairs will start to appear on your budget.

Longer lifespan: Modern air conditioners can last anywhere from 10–20 years. But they can only reach the outer margins of their lifespan estimates with routine maintenance. Without a maintenance regimen, there’s a good chance you will have to replace the system many years earlier. There’s no “repair” more expensive for an AC than having to completely replace it.

Maintenance is an investment that pays off: comfort, money-savings, and peace of mind.

An Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract with us would include:

1. Competitively priced visits - the frequency will depend on your requirements.

2. Thorough inspection, cleaning and testing of systems.

3. Expert recommendations

4. Technical advice and fault diagnosis assistance

5. Scheduled maintenance visits at times suitable for you & yours business needs.

6. Competitive pricing for spare parts, if not included in the AMC.


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With the vast experience in cleaning, maintenance and management skills, it has grown into a professional services catering both residential and commercial market, satisfying its clients with its sound and effective professional skills. Our continuous training and certifications to enhance its technical skills, safety and management give us the credibility to proudly give customer satisfaction.

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Our company's growth is determined by the level of trust our customers have on our services in UAE. Our Endeavour is to capitalize on this trust and provide high end services. It is our dedication and attention to detail service that sets us apart from other companies in UAE.

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Best in Maintenance

The Company is now well established and has built a reputation in U.A.E. as a reliable and innovative Professional Services in the field of maintenance and General Cleaning . Our Major clients include H.H Palace Fujairah, H.H Crown Prince Palace Fujairah, H.H Ruler office Sharjah, Federal and Local Govt Bodies, Oil Companies, Hospitals, Airport, Aircraft, Industries, Universities, and Schools etc.

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